Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sweet sensation

Mostly inspired from the lady dress silhouette in the year 1940s to 1950s, the design of these collections infuses the fun and a trendy mood. Highly influence by the summer 2009 fashion forecast, the designs amplified and in tandem to the selection of colors and the overall silhouette of the said forecast.

These collection plays with a more shocking, strong and invigorating colored pastel. The idea of using an inviting and shocking pastel shade’s material is to give life to the usually dull and staid color, but at the same time keeping the earthy, exclusivity and sophistication to the overall design. The collection ranges from the most light to the darkest pastel.

The selection of the silhouette in these collections ranges from a ball shape, hour glass, A-shape and draping bustier.

Duchess satin are uses as a base of the design, and it is combined with an intricate and careful selection of French lace, net, chiffon, satin silk and satin crepe for variety thus enhancing the whole ensemble of the collection. The draping technique dominantly used in the collection with a combination of cross draping, pin tuck, printed method. To add class and luxury to the collection it is finished with a diamante detailing. Belt and cummerbund are used to complete the overall style.

As shown in one of the design, a combination of a green pastel hourglass silhouette designs add a more feminine feature to the design. This draping bustier is said to be an innovation of fashion.

photo shoot credits:
make up and hair: syed faizal and rizman ruzaini
styling: rizman ruzaini
fashion director: rizman ruzaini
fashion assistants: angel and hakimi rosli
photographer: fendi shah and fauzi




d.i.n.a said...

dear RR

wanna hve a look at ur new design!!come on!!!post it!!!

im ur biggest fan!!u guys r really great in fashion!!i heart Rizman Ruzaini!!

Anonymous said...

SUPERB HABES!! nak jugak rasanya pakai baju2 tu smua!

love em all!!

Fairuz Selamat said...

3 yg terakhir tu cool

SuPeR~KaWaii said...
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SuPeR~KaWaii said...

i so can imagine these dresses on american red carpet n worn by international celebrities.. ur work is totally superb!! hopefully u guys can break into the international scene!! love ur work!

nur lina syazwani said...

totally g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s...great work guys..really hope can get ur touch for my engagement n my wedding soon whn i get back msia wink*